Aramis Barbcock

Half-Elf bard, de-facto (but much loved) leader of the group and Captain of the Brandon's Revenge


After his mother perished giving birth to him, Aramis travelled the world with his father, a bard. They moved from one town to another as his father sought stories to craft in song-worthy ballads. Only rarely did they stop in one place for long, preferring the open road to confinement in busy towns and cities. One day however, when Aramis was 15 his father was mercilessly mown down while trying to save a small girl from the path of a runaway horse and cart. Bleeding heavily and dying Aramis’ father professed his last wish: that his son become the most notorious bard the world has ever known! Aramis picked up his father’s instrument of choice ,a harp, and swore to his father what he would do whatever he could to achieve this and make him proud.

  • * *
    15 months later Aramis woke up in a sleazy tavern having yet again drunk away the small amount of money he earned performing various favours for the men and women of the town. He sat there in a dank corner of the bar wondering where he had gone wrong. His promise to his father remained unfulfilled and he had broken his harp when the husband of some cheap floozy he had bedded used it as an improvised weapon against his head. Aramis knew he couldn’t continue like this, that he had to escape from the rut he was in. He ran out of the bar, blithely promising the owner that when he came back he would pay off his rather large tab. He head for the city gates and didn’t look back.
    Weeks later, starving and bedraggled he happened upon a small farm situated outside a small hamlet. The kindly mother and daughter (who was rather pleasing to the eye) took pity on him and offered him food and shelter. Aramis quickly became taken with the young daughter who, claiming she was waiting for the right husband, spurned his advances. Aramis backs off, believing that in time she would change her mind. When asked one day to replenish grain from the barn he happened upon the farmers daughter engaged with multiple other men and animals in an act so degrading, so heartbreaking, so disgusting and so god-damn arousing that it changed him forever. He grabbed is meagre belongings and left vowing never to forget what he saw that day. Next stop: Goldshore…


  • Alcohol
  • Sexual Acts
  • Being in charge
  • Being the Centre of attention
  • Cats
  • Lord Easton Vermont
  • Watching Lyria sleep
  • Playing dress-up
  • Aggregating Conquests
  • Demonstrating his exemplary control of his crossbow skills by purposely missing enemies


  • Aboleth
  • The Farmer’s Daughter
  • Captain Bran The Twins
  • Sam the sorceress
  • Goldshore Guard Captain
  • Rainy Days
  • Losing loot
  • Taking care of his crew members


  • Waning Libido
  • Aboleth

Someday hopes to: Control a gargantuan mythical beast

Olo Unnamed halfling who travels with the party
Orc Sorceress from Mystic Orc
Numerous other people who weren’t worthy to be named

Aramis Barbcock

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