Gwetherineldur Ondolond - MIA (presumed dead)


He was born around a hundred years ago, in the distant Elven land of Elmrig where humans are a rarity only seen when traders approach to buy magical weapons and armour. He grew up as a member of the lower caste in his society due to the way he looked because of his draconic bloodline. Due to this segregation, his heart grew cold and bitter as the years went by. At the relatively young age of fifty he changed his name to Gwetherinuldor (Outcast in Elven) and left Elmrig to make a name for himself.

In his travels he encountered many foes and calamities and with each of them, grew more powerful. Due to his bestial draconic ancestry, he was prone to fits of mindless rage and coupled with the inherent darkeness inside of him from his harsh life, his heart and soul grew corrupt. In this corrupt state, he was able to transform into a rampaging ice dragon that thought only to bring pain and havoc to the Elven lands.

To stop him, a group of seven mighty Elven wizards was formed. Its sole objective was that of stopping Gwetherinuldor and bringing peace back to the land. After a fierce and historical battle, Gwetherinuldor was brutally brought upon his knees, and as the final killing blow was about to come down upon him, Magus, one of the two remaining wizards, realised that given a change of heart, his mightiest foe could become his greatest ally and so laid his hand upon Gwetherinuldor’s face and offered him a second chance.

A fortnight later Gwetherinildur awakes in the town of Goldshore with no memories of his past and with none of his magic with him. Ten years he spent in the human town before meeting the party, and in this time he learnt about the human customs and re-discovered the magic hidden in him. Armed with his magic missile, crossbow and quarter-staff he joined the group of wanderers to master his magic and to make a name for himself, and so the cycle continues…

Gwetherineldur the mighty, fell at the hands of the hosts of hell whilst raiding the tomb of the high kings of Khales. Olo wished for his soul to be freed, but whether this was granted is unknown.

Gwetherineldur Ondolond - MIA (presumed dead)

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