Olo Loamsdowne-Burrows

Hafling, Rogue, Aficionado of Weapons, Expert Marksman, Connoisseur of Toxins, Player of Games, Slinger of Guns


Olo Loamsdowne-Burrows, born to a simple farmer and his wife, was stripped of his childhood and family at a young age. A raucous and malicious band of goblins, well known and feared throughout the northern regions of Tirrimere, laid ruin to his home and village, enslaving him and his parents, and all those they did not kill in their destruction.

He spent several years mistreated in goblin captivity, growing only in anger and injustice. One fateful night, overcome by a sudden rage at the violent treatment of a young hafling by a goblin guard, Olo struck out with a stolen knife. Chaos ensued, with several haflings and goblins killed. Olo escaped with the help of his parents, who sacrificed themselves to the blade, giving him time to flee.

The young halfing, not yet an adult, fled through the nearby forest that surrounded the low mountains. In fear and grief he stumbled upon a camp of young mountain giants. By all rights he should have been killed, but the luck of the haflings, so disparate from him in his short life, was finally on his side. The giants, unwanted and abandoned by their mother, took to the hafling, and a symbiotic relationship formed.

They lived almost as a family, learning to understand each other, and enjoying each others company. The giants offered Olo much needed protection, and in turn, he offered them that which they could not obtain for themselves, thieving from local towns and traders. Alas, this short and happy time was not to last. So notorious did the thief become, that a ragged mob came together, to destroy the giants and their halfing vagabond. The giants were driven deeper into the mountain, and turned on Olo in rage and confusion, believing him to have orchestrated the mob. Olo was alone again and again forced to flee, driven from those he cared had for.

On his travels he picked up the shortsword and quickly became adept with the weapon. Upon reaching the large town of Goldshore, he would join a group of fellow misguided ruffians, who would go on to become notorious pirates across the Shattered Continent.

The troubled halfing would become the master of weapons onboard the Brandon’s Revenge, turning his hand at swords, daggers, pistols and rifles. He is known now as a ruthless killer, who values the dispatching of his enemies in the most effective manner possible, leaping between sails, masts and ropes, seen and unseen, over the rough seas. Rumours suggest that he has since passed into the abyss of Davy Jones, yet rumours still, suggest that the abyss too he escaped, and that the halfling lives again, searching hopelessly for the childhood he has lost, a goodness in men, and ultimately, himself.

Olo Loamsdowne-Burrows

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