Shadows in the Abyss


We reached Castervale and found our loanshark, but after a initial test of courage we found out about the unusualness of our creditor. She, indeed a she who goes by the name of Sam, is not only female, but is also a powerful wizard at the age of 8. After putting Aramis Barbcock in his place, (quite rightly too, following his… unusual advances for the young girl) we came to the terms of our agreement. She would fit us a ship, with men to crew it, in exchange for a debt of 10,000 gold. This would be subject to an interest rate such that the debt would double yearly, and if the debt ever exceeds 20,000 then she would begin using the blood samples, that are held as insurance, to… make life uncomfortable for us.

Alternatively, we can pay off our debt to her by returning to her “The Star of The East”, a gem of some value, last known to be possessed by a pirate called Captain Karahil. To this end we set out in search of information in the local area. By great luck we found one Mace Grimhorn, who claims to have served under a man who once a crewmember of Karahil, and asks that we free this “Shiloh Timbers” from captivity in return for information. Tomorrow we set sail for Wyvern’s Keep, the prison in which he is kept, in the hope we can free this cursed man, and in doing so free ourselves of this debt guaranteed by blood.

PS. Raided a merchant vessel on the way, got a great new trident and a nice collection of tradegoods. Sad to burn the ship, but we had no way to crew it and the captain was a vicious old bastard.

-Tyrnn Holyhand
Victor of Pub Brawls
Acolyte of Gozreh
Lean athlete of the Waves



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