Shadows in the Abyss

Prison break

It has not been a good week for me… I am surprised I am still alive to write about this.
I have been close to death before, but never as close as when I was affected by the wyvern’s poison, put on top that I was already in a weakened state due to the succubus’ spell, ungrateful wench.
This is what you get for trying to save a damsel in distress, if not for her I would have been able to easily destroy that weak excuse for a dragon.
I should have listened to the blasted pirate monk, he warned me about her……………(continue later)



We have had a great victory today, and successfully freed “Captain” Shiloh. We eluded capture, escaped with our prisoner and fought our toughest battle yet against a mighty Wyvern. The elation from our latest victory feels hollow and somewhat sour in light of the events that have happened today.

Aboleths… So many of them, all swarming over that island as we narrowly escaped. I can’t help but feel that we have uncovered so many troubles in the world in one day, all unleashed by our actions. Though there may be one less demon in the world, with the slaughter of the Kaiton, but in its place we have unleashed other, more potent troubles upon the world. The image of that grinning demon fills me with foreboding, even as the marks stretching down Gwetherineldur’s arms indicate that the Succubus still has a hold over him. Then there was the strange Samoos, that mountain of a man, who seemed neither friend nor foe, but there must have been a reason for him to have been in such a high-security cell.

As our adventures continue, the list of people following us seems to grow. The Mercan, Silverfin, has some of my clothes. The potent wizard, Sam, has our blood and our debt. The Succubus, the Hunter, that grinning demon, and only by the death of the town have we avoid making enemies of the entire Imperative…

Still, we grow stronger with each victory, and closer to our current goal of finding “The Star of the East”. The sorcerer seems to have learnt his lesson about listening to the Monk too! Maybe in time, we can stop running, and turn to deal with our enemies one-by-one…

-Tyrnn Holyhand
Tamer of Wyvern’s
Acolyte of Gozreh
Quicker than Galloping Horses



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