Shadows in the Abyss

The Temple of the Sea God

Journeys of Aramis greatest bard I (heart) mara pirate lord ever god mode activate temple of the sea god

After a run-in with a vagabond blacksmith I encountered High Priest Jethro, the funniest man I have met since Lord Easton. That old playboy… Someday I think I will go north to visit the High priestess of Lust and have her make me a loyal follower. Also, the most beautiful maiden I have ever seen joined my personal bodyguard. Mara… I may not have made the best impressions on her but I think that in time… She will come around… In time, she will be more powerful! I will never forget the look on Jerome’s face when I moved him back in with Lyria and demoted him. I’m not sure Mara likes pirates though… It will take some time for her to warm to us… and me… She’s not very good with weapons though… I will teach her how to use the greatest weapon of them all!!!
The Randy Boar: My glorious powers of persuasion did not work on the clerk but I did manage to gain a new follower, I did not quite catch her name but… names aren’t really important! aramis laugh. She, however, had to be ditched. Dead-weight and all. While Tyrnn took Mara to say her last goodbyes I put on the BEST performance of my life. The guards we’re totally fooled. Sometimes… I even amaze myself…
Having to send treacle off to send a message to Sam so soon after summoning her nearly broke my heart :‘(. Still I got Mara to share a room with Lyria so it’s not all bad!! Tyrnn met Silverfin on a merchant ship we passed, that creepy blue bastard. Gives me the creeps… It seems that Gweth signed some nefarious contract that he couldn’t read; I berated him on this when he came back. By Flarlangan’s cock, it sounds like something I would do! Just for a measly piece of armour. I met Captain Nob, leader of the ship where Gweth got his armour. The god damned cur tried to get me to pay a financial toll for trading with him! He also called be a pirate! WE ARE PURVEYORS OF THE SEA GODDAMNIT! I exchanged harsh words with him and played him a trivial tune I learned as a child. The fool’s crew seemed pretty impressed. Idiots! And the benefit from the trade? A useless bag of chalk? I hate that blue bastard! To top this off, SHILOH decided to tell us that in additional to his curse, people in his proximity lose their memories! This made me so fucking enraged. So, now Mace is more useless than before!
Ran into some natives too, those damn heathens tried to damage my ship! This angered me so much I delegated steering to a lowly sailor from my crew to that I could teach these guys a lesson.
Thanks to my amazing playing skills the crew were able to kill all of the enemies. It also improved Tyrnn’s steering of the ship. I. Am. So. AWE-INSPIRING. After, we moored at a lagoon and met a master monk who, through meditation, taught me to see THE TRUTH! I realised that I had been a terrible person, cruel and heartless to many women including Mara. I ran back and begged for her forgiveness. With that off of my chest I felt that I could again take up my mantle.
After disguising myself as a monk – pretty well may I add! – we stormed through the front gate and set out to SAVE A DRAGON and RECRUIT A GHOST as a member of my crew.
The monks were easy targets, I managed to get a double consecutive kill, which was pretty god-like. The others were just landing paltry blows. Ki points?! Pah! Milky was the star today. I also met the ghost… not as eager to join my crew as I had hoped… she froze my arm quite a bit… I managed to take her down though, largely on my own.
We also fought Shay which were… a piece of cake. I mean really, these quests that we are being sent on are far to easy for our level of expertise. Also, I couldn’t get the Soulknife WOULD NOT join my team! To top it off, there was NO LOOT from saving the dragon. GODDAMNIT!

After fleeing Wyverns Keep and the destruction of the town there by the Shoggoth, we arrived in Southport, a city of Anglis. Such technology! Clockwork everywhere, with it being in their guns, their clocks, even clockwork people acting as bodyguards! And such strength I have never felt before as one of the beings pushed me to one side, as easily as I would pull out a chair. Truly an interesting city, a place of learned men.

While there, we managed to pass on the warning about the Aboleths, and also attract a new crewmember in the form of a Cleric, Mara. Poor woman was quite unused to moving at speed as I rushed her up the mountain to say her farewells, but we couldn’t afford to lose time without putting the entire city at risk by having Shiloh docked in their harbor. So with a little Tyrnn flair, we went up and down in no time and set sail for the east, my homeland.

Along the way, Mara has been reserved but is slowly warming up to us, and at least seems willing to learn. She has been drilling in basic weapons training, and has also been learning the tasks of a deckhand slowly also. About 2 months into our journey, we encountered a junk ship, which we hailed and called alongside in order to trade. They looked fairly heavily defended so it wouldn’t have been an easy target, and what with their choice of merchant it wouldn’t have been much use raiding them anyway, for it seems Silverfin has escaped his previous capture to set up shop elsewhere.

The crazy inter-planar being informs me he has sold that piece of clothing I gave him to “A rather large fellow, all spikes and teeth, and why yes, he did seem to grin a lot”. Just remembering that face fills me with foreboding, and it was the shock of this that prevented me from advising the sorcerer about his purchase. Gwetherineldur traded for some mithril armor, and paid both the going rate plus Silverfin’s usual extra demands, which this time were a signature on a contract of unknown purpose, and a vial of his blood. As a dragon disciple, Gwetherineldur argued that his blood was worth more, and got a mystery bag of unknown contents for that fact, though apparently it isn’t worth much more as the bag contained only chalk!

Saying farewell to my countrymen on the junk ship, we continued on the way until strange winds pulled at the sails, in the direction of my old monastery. Never one to deny the winds of fate, we let the wind take us where it willed, and proceeded through a gauntlet of rock pillars and treacherous seas, all the while combating the savages who tried to sink our ship. I took the wheel as our captain calmed the seas surrounding us, allowing us to pass through largely unharmed.

We had returned to the area surrounding my old monastery. While attempting repairs on the ship, we noticed a small hut in the mountain, which was surprising as this place was meant to be uninhabited for years. Climbing the path up there, I was shocked to find a familiar face, an old fellow acolyte, now turned master, Hatori! He caught me up on what had happened since I had been taken, and asked for my help in reclaiming the monastery from the rival clan that had occupied it for he had taken a vow of peace. To this end he loaned me his old temple sword, a masterpiece of workmanship, and after resting we followed the path down to the monastery.

Filled with rage at how these weaklings strutted back and forth, paying neither heed nor respect to Gozreh, I led the charge into battle and we killed all in the first courtyard with little difficulty. With no time to even catch our breath, the doors to the main shrine opened, revealing more acolytes and one master-in-training who carried a soul-knife also. The arrogance sent me into a rage, and the others seemed to respond also for the battle ended in less than half a minute, and I took down the leader myself with the quickest flurry of blows I have ever performed.

Recognizing my superior skills The Storm-Flower surrendered to us and the battle was soon finished. Not wishing to taint the blade gifted to me by Hatori, I offered her the chance to learn the true ways of Gozreh by becoming a student under a true master. She gifted me with her belt, and a pure white flower which seemed to hold great meaning to her.

We rested in the shrine, and I walked the halls so familiar yet different. I found a battered training manual from years gone by, Gozreh knows who its previous owner was, but it has been long since I have had a reference or guide for my training. After resting, and restoring what I could of the shrine to their rightful places, we continued up the mountain to attempt to free its protector.

The beings we encountered there were tough, with the first being a yuki-onna in the front courtyard. She near froze us with her attacks, the poor misguided soul, and we were forced to put her spirit to rest. This aliviated the storms of the area somewhat, though balance would not be restored until we returned the guardian.

With this in mind, we continued into the temple itself. Inside we encountered 4 Shae, enlightened beings, which proved quite a challenge to send into the void; but with the dragon in sight, frozen upon a dias, we could hardly leave now. Gwetherineldur managed to kill one with a well placed scorching ray, while Olo slew another. I was taking hits and being forced back, but in a last set of blows, the last 2 finally fell.

With their death, the ice began to melt, and a sense of rightness seemed to vibrate through the air. We conversed with the mighty being, and convinced him of our worth as a force of balance in the world, after which he allowed us to ride back to Hatori upon his back.

Hatori had final words for me before we left to return to our original quest, he gifted me again with a statue of Gozreh and the casing for the sword. I promised to return to see how the rebuilding of our order progresses, and I can only hope it recovers. There are too few acolytes left to listen for Gozreh and preserve the balance, to this end I left the manual with Hatori for him to copy, so he will be able to train new acolytes and help right the balance. I must meditate now, to try and find some way of balancing this life of piracy with my vows as a monk, for is this truly the best path available to us?

-Tyrnn Holyhand
The Tempered Blade of Justice
Acolyte of Gozreh
Buns of Steel and Washboard Abs



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