Shadows in the Abyss

The End of the Beginning

Death is but a game to a Pirate Lord

Taken from the journal of the late Great Pirate Lord Aramis Barbcock.

The worst has happened… I’ve lost a crew member. I don’t know how I could have allowed this to happen…. I’ve never been a great Captain but I’ve always prided myself in the depth of care that I have for my crew.. So, why? WHY DID SHE SLEEP WITH TYRNN OF ALL PEOPLE? Never before have I lost a crew member in such a fashion. The trials were nothing compared to this. The trials… Oh God the trials. I fail to understand why they were even called trials. They failed to challenge the complex and powerful creature that is Aramis Barbcock. All they served to do was to prove that I, THE GREATEST PIRATE LORD, cannot die. It’s almost as if those in the realm of the dead fear my overpowering presence. Twice my foes have tried to make me, the greatest Pirate Lord to ever sail the seas, die. Through cunning and no great amount of skill, I have survived. The first time, I was set upon by a Lich, whose command over death was not enough to force me to succumb to it. Pitiful. My arrival back to the world of the living involved no small amount of gold ol’ Aramis tenacity and a little help from my underling (?) -is that the correct term? Anyway, Olo. the second time I was set upon my a huge, throbbing purple member that looked to me like it had been suffering from a major case of blue balls and and such tried to digest me. This was actually part of my plan to find the creature’s weak spot (it’s stomach) and cut my way out from the inside. An ingenious plan if I must say so myself. I left the temple stronger than I entered only to find that months had passed between the time of my entry and now. This made me furious. All this time the Usurper was sitting on my throne, playing Pirate Lord while I was still not recognised my the majority of the council. Well… This will change. This is the beginning… Aramis. Will. Have. VICTORY!

P.S. Gweth seems to have disappeared. I was so caught up in the heat of battle and depression that I didn’t notice his disappearance. I wonder if he will be back soon. In his absence I have appointed Olo 1st mate but I fear he has been trying to steal things from me…



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