Shadows in the Abyss

Washed Ashore an Imperative Town

We were pretty battered and quite ragged looking adventurers as we pulled into that Imperative town, swan boat dissintigrating beneath our feet and the mulch of Olo’s corpse swilling around the depths of the Bag of Holding. A member short we began to look for a way to come across a diamond of significant worth in that small town, not a task of little difficulty! With Aramis Barbcock supplying a distraction with quite a grand style, Gwetherineldur Ondolond and myself attempted to sneak aboard an Imperative ship which was rumoured to contain some kind of merchant who should have what we were looking for.

All was going well until, as usual, the sorcerer cocked things up by making too much noise. He fell into the water, attracting the attention of the guards and I managed to slip inside the ship. Inside I encountered a strange creature known as a Mercan, by the name of Silverfin, who demanded a high price of the majority of our monetary wealth, along with an additional request of a scrap of my clothing… I’m not sure why, but I get the feeling the decision to give him this will come back to haunt me some day, but we needed Olo back so there was little choice.

Our next challenge was to find a priest of sufficient power who could bring our lost friend back from beyond the clutches of death, but there was none to be found. We did, however, find a crazed old man who claimed to hear Gozreh, so we had to make do with him instead. After a fee that wiped out most of our, now already low, finances Olo stood back up, admittedly short one eye. (You get what you pay for I guess? Clearly that man isn’t as in touch with Gozreh as he claims!)

Soon we seek passage to Castervale, to find the loanshark named Sam, who should fit us out with a boat and crew. Then we can be back upon the water, back to the honest profession of pirating, and recoup some of our losses by collecting the bounty of the sea.

-Tyrnn Holyhand
Acolyte of Gozreh
Too sexy for his shirt



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