Mara Varensis


“The sea has this funny way of seeping into the heart and changing it beyond recognition. I always thought it was to be feared, now I know it was change in myself I was afraid of.”

Mara Varensis, initially an undergraduate in the study chambers of the Temple to the God of Love in Anglis, Mara spent most of her early life around both technology and the power of magic. She was given the to the temple at a young age by her family, and while her brothers were permitted to join the army or attend university, she found a home in the temple, and learnt her craft as a healer and a lover there.

Being swept from her temple by Aramis Barbcock at the age of 22, she was commanded by the head of her order to keep a record of her travels and return it to the Anglisi library, as an account on the world outside their borders. Her first voyage aboard a ship was to a far away temple in the east, uncertain of her future fate, she was slow to place her trust in Captain Barbcock, and spent most of her time aboard, rather than joining the party in battle.

Since this time, she has grown from a scared young woman, into a wise sailor, and a firm ally to those who have earned her trust. Battle hardened and world wise, she acts as a primary healer to the crew. While she lacks trust in Aramis, she feels strongly attached to him, and takes her vows to him seriously, even if that means risking her own life. But aboard the ship, her relationship with Tyrnn has become most strong.

Mara’s death aboard the Brandon’s Revenge marked a major turn in her story, having been resurrected by the party, her loyalty has been pushed to its limits, and shown itself to be stronger than even she believed. Her life in Anglis is one she can never return to, her home is wherever Aramis wanders, and wherever the family she has found in the crew finds itself.

Mara Varensis

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