Quatermaster Reports

Identified Loot to sell

1 x Elven Curveblade (Enchanted)
3 x Longsword
1 x Shortsword (Enchanted)
1 x Falchion (Enchanted)
1 x Starknife (Masterwork)
3 x Scimitar (Enchanted)
1 x Mace
1 x Dagger

2 x Musket
3 x Pepperbox
4 x Longbow, 1 of which Masterwork
1 x Composite Longbow (Masterwork, Inlayed with Gold)

4 x Ring of Protection (Basic)
1 x Studded Leather Armour (Enchanted)
1 x Breastplate (Enchanted)
1 x Heavy Steel Shield (Enchanted)
2 x Amulet of Natural Armour (Basic)
4 x Cloak of Resist (Basic)
1 x Bracers of Armour (Second most Basic)

1 x Belt of Giant’s Strength (Basic)
1 x Belt of Incredible Dexterity (Basic)
1 x Headband of Inspired Wisdom (Basic)
1 x Headband of Alluring Charisma (Basic)

Total Equipment Value


A Darkwood Potion Box worth 500g
1 x Diamond (Quality suitable for Resurrection)
1 x Sapphire
1 x Diamond Dust

Unidentified Loot

2 x Breastplate (Likely Enchantment(Paladin of First tomb & Fencer of Second))
1 x Belt (Likely Dexterity(Monk of Second Tomb))
1 x Potion (Fencer of Second Tomb)
1 x Scroll (Lich of Third Tomb)

Mundane/Disguise Loot ?Keep?

Robes and Boots of Lightening Guild
Robes with Cloak, Helmet and Belt Buckle of Assassin Guild
Silver Symbol of Pele
Signet Ring of Lord Blackscale
Bone Crown of the Third King (Basic Intelligence Enchantment)

3 x Scorching Ray Wand
1 x Shield Of Faith Wand

2 x Scroll of Fly
1 x Scroll of Teleport

2 x Moderate Wounds Potion
2 x Protect from Good Potion
1 x Disguise Self Potion
1 x Delay Poison Potion

Remains of Lichs’ Phylactery
Map of the Planes
Map to Gozrehs’ Lost Temple and Holding Place

Ship’s Equipment

35 x Longswords, 4 of which are Masterwork and 1 Enchanted
21 x Muskets with 5 ammo each
6 x Pistols with 5 ammo each
17 x Javalins
1 x Breastplate
1 x Chainshirt
10 x Studded Leather Armour
25 x Leather Armour

-Tyrnn Holyhand
Pack Mule Extraordinaire
Acolyte of Gozreh
Human Abacus

Clockwork pieces (30k)
Breastplate of the Empress [+2, Glamered, Adamantine] (17k) – Mara? Aramis? Who got this?
50 +1 flaming shuriken (8k)
+4 Bracers of Armour (16k)
+2 Corrosive Longsword (18k)
+4 Belt of Physical Might [Str, Con] (40k) Tyrnn?
+4 Belt of Physical Might [Con, Dex] (40k) – Olo
2 x +4 Amulet of Bullet Protection (24k each)
+4 Headband of Charisma (8k)
+6 Headband of Charisma (16k) Aramis?
+3 Ring of Protection (9k)
2 x +2 Ring of Protection (4k each)
+5 Cloak of Resistance (25k)
Monk Robes (13k)
2x Boots of Striding & Springing (5k each)

Plus a goddamn flying ship you ungrateful bastards.

(probably some stuff I missed, will chat to James before the game)

Quatermaster Reports

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