“There is an order in orgy”
“We are not pirates; we are purveyors of the sea!”
“There will be no racism on my ship!”
“You’re a fuckin’ cunt”
“Would you like to join my crew?”
“I’m a god-damn Pirate Lord!”
“What’s your alignment, friend?”
“The coal will blossom into a sword only when you learn the true meaning of friendship”
“You only have the choice whether or not to like it”
“I’m going to lose my shit”
“Seeing the remains, remains to be seen”
“He is an opportunistic voyeur who tried to kill me in my sleep!”
“Wait… Karahil is a Half-Orc?!”
“One hand washes the other”


“Looks like we have a smart-ass on the front row”
“I can see your death worm”
“A king without advisors is like a captain without a crew”


“I’ll nail your balls to the gateway, scum!”
“Always know where the exits are”

Gweth (R.I.P)

“I’ll use my claws!”
“Let off some steam!”
“This ship ain’t big enough for two sorcerers!”


“Want to try to compete?”
“I am she who drinks”


Shadows in the Abyss Subsuperhuman